Feel the Love

(“Ah-lee Ah-juh”)

I am basically a very happy person. My art and talent are my means of expressing happiness, joy and acceptance.

When I am performing improvisational jazz music on stage, I feel like I’m part of the music itself. I nearly lose sight of the audience. Someone outside has to report on the many aspects of my performance, as I literally become entwined in the music.

I “feel the love,” as they say, when I am being honest in my musical expression. Improvisation in jazz is so highly personal and intimate…it takes courage to express my feelings about a musical piece. The easy way out is to mimic others. For me, I take risks in finding my own interpretations. Many of my improvisations don’t follow accepted patterns and styles. I am happy to discover and deliver my own personal expressions. My mission is to discover and perpetuate my personal musical expression.

I “feel the love” when my audience connects with my music. When my audience is happy with my music, this is the culmination and continuation of the process to reach an honorable state of the moment. Sometimes I even feel like a doctor delivering a medical treatment, or therapy. I see my music as helping people. My mission is to lead people to a place of happiness.

I “feel the love” when my peers respect my art. There are so many ahead of me whom I respect. I wish to gain respect of such musicians, too. For me, there is no need to judge other musicians or to be intolerant. I choose to accept my fellow musicians. Musicians, like other people, need to belong to a group of peers and win their acceptance and respect. I am no exception. I want to be part of keeping jazz alive. My happiness comes from being a part of an artist society. My mission is to find my place among the jazz guitar greats.